Harry F. Hamlin
P.O. Box 48018
Seattle, Washington
206-355-4885   206-243-8022

To Potential Clients of Michael Foor October 13, 2010

Four X Four Construction Company

Michael Foor has done work for my wife and I since 1989. These jobs include major structural improvements, interior walls, bathroom and kitchen cabinetry, roof repairs, windows, interior and exterior painting and replacement of doors at our home at 16210 10th Ave SW in Burien. We have never had cause to be dissatisfied with his work.

He has performed repairs to my business properties in Bellevue and Burien as well. The work has been more than satisfactory and the charges quite reasonable.

Michael is utterly trustworthy. We have never had the slightest apprehension about giving him unsupervised access to our property . I recommend him without reservation as a contractor.

Harry F. Hamlin
Cc;Lisa Scott