To whom it may concern:

Bill and I have contracted with Mike Foor since December 2008, for a variety of projects, large and small, from remodeling to repair and maintenance.

Mike has worked both at our rental property and at our personal residence.

Mike has carried out every project to our complete satisfaction.

I will always choose Mike.  He comes to the job site promptly as scheduled, is never satisfied with anything less than excellent workmanship, and has a fine eye for design and composition.

Bill appreciates the fact that Mike is always frugal with our money, willing to discuss multiple options, and accurate in his estimates of costs.

We both feel confident that when Mike is on the job, our property will be left clean and safe, the buildings carefully secured, at the end of each day.

In addition, we both find Mike to be a delightful individual, a pleasure to know.

Gina Boyd